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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Product Review: Eyeko Manga Makeup

Eyeko has an irresistible line of make-up must haves with a Manga twist and Japanese flavor, which make it one of my favorite brands. Take a peek on my recent purchases from Eyeko..

Eyeko Eye Beauty 5 in 1 Eye Shadows

I ordered "Pretty Eyes" palette with strips of five different shades of pastel pinks, lilac and iridescent white, all neatly lined up in a tin can packaging. It actually reminded me of Pop Beauty Eye Cake Palettes.

Colors are fun to mix and match. They are easy to blend, soft and sheen. However, the color pay-off is recommended to those who prefer a barely-there makeup look (i.e. students).

Use a primer to keep the colors last the whole day.

Also available in these color palettes:

  • Cool Eyes: greys, dark blue, and purple shades
  • Sexy Eyes: subtle peach, bronze, khaki and pink shades

Price: £5 each

Eyeko Fat Balm (in Strawberry)

Berry-liscious tints with light reflecting particles and jojoba oil for added moisture for softer, sexier lips. Smooth on to cheeks too for a fruity flush. Also available in Raspberry and Minty variants.

Price: £5

Eyeko Manga Makeup Book
(in Make Out Girl)

A luxe look book crammed with 5 eye shadows, 3 lip glosses, 1 concealer and 1 cream blush to create the perfect date face. Plus all the necessary beauty tools inside and even a mirror to remind you who's the fairest of them all. =P

Price: £5

Eyeko 3-in-1 Cream

"A triple duty moisturizer, eye cream and highlighter with an antioxidant boost plus Vitamin C makes for a radiant complexion.." --eyeko.com

Price: £5

This is Eyeko's best-selling product, and my favorite too. Some use this sparingly as a highlighter, but actually you can use this as an all over face cream and works like a sheer foundation. With the right application, it creates a flawless base and it's not shimmery at all.

Application should be quick because it dries easier than some facial moisturizers. You may also want to put your ordinary moisturizer first so you could spread Eyeko cream evenly. I noticed better results when paired with Eyeko's Fat Balm in strawberry shade.

Eyeko Cream has a pearly cream texture and a peachy-pink-creamy-white shade and.... i just can't find the exact words to describe. Very interesting!

And here's my treat to all my readers:

For a minimum order of £10 at Eyeko, use code E148 to receive a FREE full size item with FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!


Ron Centeno said...

Uy Czel! Anong balita? Di mo na ako binibisita! Ikaw talaga!:-(

More make up?! Sorry wala akong masabi tungkol dyan only that, I think natural beauty is beautiful. :-) But we sure do admire a well made up lady!


Vanity's Child said...

Hi Ron! yes, i agree that natural beauty is beautiful.. But MAKEUP for me IS AN ART and expression of creativity and individuality. We use makeup to enhance our natural features, and accentuate the aspects of our face/body that naturally look good. But not too much makeup, of course.

Thanks for dropping by! I visited your blog po ha.. i signed your guest book pa nga.

Ingat! =)

I can also make a person look like a zombie with makeup, i have pics of our halloween party, i'll show you next time.. lol

Meilily said...

Hi Czel! I need to try some Eyeko- The Cream and Fat Balms look nice, and the e/s does look like Pop Beauty- still pretty.

Tierra said...

Those eye shadows are awesome! Just what I'd like to put in my makeup case to go!