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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Cheek Tint

When i was browsing the VS website, these cheek tints caught my attention. They are available in three shades: Mon Cherry- the red tint, Just Peachy- which is peach, and I Pink I Can- the one in pink. Each variant come in a sleek and unique design, and like a stick deodorant, you turn the roll and out comes the balm-like stick.

I was able to acquire one of the three shades just recently thru a local seller, and here's my brief review:

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Cheek Tint in Just Peachy

What I Like:
  • can be used as a base for powder blushes for a longer-wear
  • it's a cheek tint as described, but can actually be used as a lip balm
  • i love the delicious fruity scent (citrus+watermelon)
  • designed for easy application (i can apply it on my cheeks without a mirror)
  • it glides on easily
  • it gives a glowy tint
  • sheer but buildable peachy pink tint
  • sassy packaging
  • contains a lot of product
  • affordable at 7USD in eBay


What I don't like:
  • it looks like a mini stick deodorant
  • it's like putting a balm, waxy sort of film on the face (so better top it with a powder blush)
  • the consistency is more like a balm than a tint
  • not recommended to those with oily skin
  • no ingredients list on the packaging

Does any one else have this? What are your thoughts?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Tips to Curl Those Stubborn Eyelashes!

Expert Tips to Fix Stubbornly Straight Eyelashes -- Finally

See these professional tips from celebrity makeup artist Taylor Chang-Babaian to finally get those lashes to curl and stay curled

Expert Tips to Fix Stubbornly Straight Eyelashes -- Finally

This is a TotalBeauty.com Asian makeup article

There are some things in this world that are inexplicable, but one mystery Total Beauty was intent on solving was stubbornly-straight eyelashes. Why do some lashes just refuse to curl? Well, we went to an expert and finally found the reason and solutions to this dilemma. See the expert tips to fix straight eyelashes now.

Get tips

Quench Your Dry Hair

These 7 expert tips are easy to follow and can revitalize your quenched hair -- stat

Quench Your Dry Hair

This is a TotalBeauty.com dry hair article

While we're thankful we can bypass Mother Nature's intended shade for us, coloring our hair also makes it more susceptible to damage. For tips on how to best keep your color-treated hair healthy and lush looking, click below.

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Bath and Body Works PocketBacs and Holders Haul

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

Mine was great, i finally had the time to take photos of the things i purchased recently so i could post and share them here. I wish that i'll also be able to do some product reviews for them in the coming days.

For the meantime, i want to share with you my Bath & Body Works haul. When i learned of an online pre-order, i didn't miss the chance to order and try these pocketbacs and holders they were raving about.

Find a scent you love, and choose a holder to match.
By the way, the glow-in-the-dark holder in hot pink is my favorite.

Hand antiseptic/ sanitizers are marketed to the public as an effective way to "wash one's hands" when traditional soap and water are not available. No matter what the brand, I always bring hand sanitizers or isopropyl alcohol with me wherever i go. I find them indispensable especially when i'm outdoors. I also made it a habit to sanitize my hands first before i put on makeup.

With their handy Pocketbac holder key-chain, you can attach a pocket hand sanitizer to your bag. Making it more convenient to use within easy reach, so I don’t need to dig inside my bag to get it.

This pocket-sized bottle contains natural ingredients and powerful germ killers to get clean hands wherever you go. Each bottle is 1 fl. oz/ 29 ml.

Midnight Pomegranate

Sweet Pea

Japanese Cherry Blossoms

I Love Shoes

Citrus Crush

I'm now listing down the other scents that i would want to order next time from Bath & Body Works, including the Horoscope Collection line.

"Spread love, not germs." ;)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Soap & Glory: The Daily Smooth Body Butter (Review)

I've been hit by the Soap and Glory bug, so i bought one of their delectable offerings...

The Daily Smooth Body Butter!
It's been a long wait 'coz it took almost 3 weeks via Royal Mail to reach me. Well, good enough, because the eBay seller is from the UK anyway.

Now i understand why a lot of people are raving about Soap & Glory's packaging style, it's really cute and creative!

According to their website, The Daily Smooth Body Butter is an amazingly-effective dry skin formula body butter with rosehip seed oil and cocoa butter scented with Mist You Madly's™ beautiful notes of bergamot, blackcurrant, magnolia, freesia, vanilla and musk.

I love their witty way of wordings:

"Dew It Every Day!"

"Do or Dry." lol

Detailed product information (from soapandglory.com):

Divide a small plum-sized splodge of The Daily Smooth™ between your shins, knees, thighs, elbows, tops of toes and then everywhere else. Massage around until it all starts to sink. (Love the fragrance? Double up with Mist You Madly™ body Spray on top.)

Now here's the actual product on my super dry hands (too much swimming during summer :P)

The consistency is thicker than toothpaste but nice and creamy. It sinks into the skin pretty fast and i don't end up feeling all greasy. However, i'm a bit disappointed with the scent, well i think that's more of a personal issue. I haven't read any review disliking the smell of this product yet. It seems that it is just me who doesn't find the scent lovely.

Overall, this body butter does an awesome job. I particularly use this on my hands, and it really moisturizes throughout the day. I like that this body butter comes in a squeezy tube rather than a tub like any other body butters I have. But I find it more hygienic and easier to use. I keep this at my office table because the tube packaging makes it easier for me to reach for it anytime of the day.


It's my first Soap & Glory product and I’m still wishing to try other Soap & Glory Products such as Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss, Glad Hair Day Conditioner, Clear Here Moisturizer, Wish Upon a Jar Cream, Scrub ‘em & Leave ‘em Body Buffer and the Night in Shining Armour Night Cream.

How about you, what Soap & Glory products would you recommend?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Amazing Makeup Primers

12 Amazing Makeup Primers

Keep your makeup from melting off your face with these primers

12 Amazing Makeup Primers

This is a TotalBeauty.com best and worst makeup products article

Makeup primers are crucial for keeping oil at bay, filling in fine lines, and providing a smooth canvas for your foundation to stick to. So, if you don't have one yet, choose from these reader-approved favorites.

See the best

No. 12: Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy Luminizing Face Primer, $19.99

TotalBeauty.com average member rating: 7.8

"I love that post-gym workout glow and I can achieve that (minus the workout on those lazy days!) with Carmindy's Luminizing Primer."

No. 11: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer SPF 15 with Dermaxyl Complex, $42

TotalBeauty.com average member rating: 7.9

"My makeup stays on all day and night. And, it also minimizes my pores, which is a plus."

No. 10: Bare Escentuals Prime Time Brightening Foundation Primer, $21

TotalBeauty.com average member rating: 8

"I have tried many primers and this one actually does what it says! I am a Mineral Makeup girl, and this definitely sets it for the day."

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