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Friday, June 17, 2011

Extending the Orange Fever

Summer has always and will always be about fun, vibrant colors with clothes, makeup and accessories. And it's quite worthy to note that orange and tangerine shades have been the most noticeable trend for the season.

Now i know what you're thinking. :) Yes the summer is over, but can't we extend the orange fever? I've rediscovered my love with orange/ tangerine shades of lipsticks and i think this made a nice change from the usual pinks.

Some recommend MAC Morange as the best shade of orange lipstick to try. But since MAC counters aren't accessible to my place, and frugal as i am, i have to look for other cheap alternatives. Like this recent discovery- Aido Regular Lipstick Shade #11.

Price? It's only 25pesos! (a lil less than $.50)

The packaging resembles shu uemura lipstick tubes :P

It looks like a bit scary at first, but it's a nice hot orange shade.
It's very pigmented and the texture is creamy.

swatches on my forearm:

without flash

with flash

Aido lipstick #11 on different occasions:

I'm also currently obsessed with The Face Shop's Fruits Jelly Tubes, Php200+

I have this lipgoss sitting in my traincase for so long now, until i rediscovered this love for orange lippies. It isn't sticky at all, it smells like there's a tinge of orange in it, and tastes like candy. It has a bit of shiny sparkly golden specks and it just looks lovely alone or over a lipstick.

That's all for now, i hope you'll have a nice weekend ahead! ♥


Lady said...

I wish we had The Face Shop here! it's pretty hard to find online...lots of fakes and stuff. pretty lippies!

Aya said...

I have an Aido lippy too. One is red and quite nice but the other one (peachy) doesn't show up on my lips :/ and tastes horrible. :/

Czel said...

maybe you bought a "bad apple", it doesn't taste horrible naman yung nakuha ko.

ELLE said...

whaaatt 25 pesos? wow! followed you btw. ^_^


Makie said...

25 pesos??? good find! :) thanks I've always wanted to try aido, I always see it where I buy DVD's