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Monday, November 16, 2009

Shopping Made-Easy with Pebble.com

I was doing my Christmas shopping (wish) list until I discovered a new search-based online shopping comparison site called Pebble.com.

is a valuable resource for comparative shopping and has a simple interface. I wasn’t lost with their user-friendly search bar. I just typed in what I am looking to buy in the search bar that says, "What are you searching
for?" and click on "Search". A list then comes up with possible matches to my search along with a button to compare prices at stores that carry that item. There is also a dollar sign icon and green text alerting me to low price deals.

While browsing Pebble, I was able to find ceramic hair irons (from low-end to the most expensive brands), Roxy and Nine West Bags, Benefit Cosmetics and a lot more. Another cool thing about Pebble is that you can see other user’s Q&A about various products to help make an informed buying decision.

While it's nice to go to a store to try products first, there are times when we prefer to do a little online shopping, especially when we are looking for a product that may not be locally available. However, it's nice to be able to ask questions about a product that might not be found in a product manual or advertisement from people who have actually used the product or have first hand experience with it. In this regard, Pebble.com not only offers a full listing of products and comparative prices, but also by providing a question & answer section about the products that is integrated into the shopping site.

So if you are looking for a new product, or maybe wanting to complete your Christmas shopping list-- you should give Pebble.com a try and see what deals you can find!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sale Alert: Save Over 25% on Eyeko A-Lister Set

Get that celebrity glow with the No.1 3-in-1 Eyeko Cream. Mix it up with Eyeko Tinted Cream for that jet-setting hint of colour like a true A-lister!

Add drama to your LOOK with NEW Eyeko Magic Mascara for luxe lashes with extra volume, length and curl. Set the scene with a pop of sheer colour with Eyeko Cheeky Cherry Lip Gloss and a fashion-forward slick of nail polish in Pastel baby blue.

For rave reviews play up your looks with Eyeko Rosy Pink Lip Gloss and Eyeko Pretty Polish!

The whole A-lister set is on sale now for only £25 at www.eyeko.com. Remember, worldwide shipping is free on all orders! Use code E148 upon checkout for a FREE gift.

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Top 12 Products for Oily Skin

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