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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Very First MMU

In my previous post, i mentioned about the reasons why i became curious, if not totally convinced to give mineral make up a try. Actually mmu isn't "new" to me anymore. I have tried using mmu in the past (months ago) and posted some reviews about it in my old site. And now i know that i'll be talking more of mmu again in the following days, i should write those brief reviews here, as far as i can remember.

The very first mmu brand that i tried was Coconut Bay Cosmetics-- where i was one of the lucky people who were able to avail of their TOTALLY FREE samples. Yeah right, i did not pay a penny even for the shipping. Lucky me! (When i checked their website recently, there's a certain fee for samples already plus shipping).

It took about 3 weeks for me to get hold of it after placing my order online. The 6 foundation samples were sent via First Class International Mail. These were the shades that i chose based on the color chart provided on their website:

Light Beige

Although i did not get the perfect match for my shade on each sample, i followed the trick of mixing two or three shades to create my desired shade. The different color samples are great because you can can mix and match for a customized color to perfectly match your natural skin tone.

Coconut Bay has great coverage and it lasts all day, and the best of all, it did not caused me to break-out. I will never forget that one time after attending a late-night party i fell asleep with my foundation on, and upon waking up the next morning i was so surprised to see my face so fresh and as if it has been moisturized overnight. Amazing!