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Sunday, August 3, 2008


Here are the basic steps in applying mineral foundations:
(It is recommended to clean, tone & moisturize first for a better & flawless result)

SHAKE the foundation jar with cover on, turn upside down and find a small amount of its contents that have sifted to the top/cover of the jar; OR tap a small amount of foundation to a separate swirling bowl-- this option is most likely preferred.

SWIRL the face brush (I suggest to use kabuki brush) into the contents on the lid/ bowl;

TAP the brush onto the side of the lid to take off any excess powder;

BUFF the foundation into your skin in a circular or downward motion starting at the outer edge of your face and move towards the center of your face. Apply light layers to evenly blend the pigments. It is better to apply several applications to get the desired effect than it is to remove and start over. Once you feel the coverage is what you want, buff your face with your kabuki or broad-based brush to get off any excess mineral powder.