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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CORY.... finally!

After, more than a month of waiting, our pooled orders from Cory Cosmetics arrived this morning. Woohoo! It is really a good news to my fellow mmu lovers i pooled order with.

And as i promised, i'm posting the pictures i took as soon as i get hold of it. I just want to share the happiness and excitement i felt when this package finally arrived. (i know you know how it feels, right? ). So here they are:

USPS Priority Mail


We ordered only 2 fs jars and a total of 195 sample pigments from Cory, but sadly, sample baggies came all together in one plastic container and still needed to be sorted..

Scattered pigments.. =P

So now you know it's party time! =D


verina oei said...

ooh,i wana eat them !
oh my god u got tons !