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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My 5-Minute Make-Up Routine

If you feel as though you don’t have time in the morning to put on makeup, try to remember how even one sweep of lip-gloss makes you feel about yourself and what it does to boost your self confidence, and that feeling is worth 5 minutes, every day!

Here are the steps you can follow to apply your makeup in as fast as five minutes (or less):

  1. Dot some moisturizer (choose the one with SPF). It is recommended that you wait for a few minutes so that the skin will absorb the moisturizer, but there will be times when we simply don’t have the time.
  2. Use concealer under eyes, pimple marks, scars, and other skin discolorations.
  3. Apply foundation and blend.
  4. Put on blush and blend. I find powder blushes the easiest to apply.
  5. Apply your favorite eye shadow. (in this case, just one color and a light coverage is what you need)
  6. Apply mascara to lashes.
  7. Using a brow pencil, apply color to brow bone and blend.
  8. Color your lips with lipstick and/or lip-gloss. (A lip brush gives a better application and takes no more time than lipstick straight from a tube)
  9. Powder your nose and t-zone with loose powder/ finishing powder.
  10. Check your blush and add a bit more if necessary.


The fastest “make-over” I can do for myself is as simple as this:

clean, tone & moisturize face, apply cream blush, swipe some lipgloss and put mascara. Ü


  • Before you begin your makeup application, set out everything you need.
  • Option for steps no. 1 & 2: Sometimes I find it easy to mix enough amount of my moisturizer and mineral make up foundation and apply it to my face with a stippling brush. Then immediately proceed to step no. 3.
  • I intend not to include the use of primer, eyeliner, bronzer, illuminators etc that are optional in this 5-minute make up guide. If you still can’t do your make up with the suggested guide, review the guide if you think there are some points to be ignored, then practice, practice, practice your way of applying make up. It’ll then be as easy as 1-2-3 everyday. Ü

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Foundie Shades

When i went back on using mineral make up early this year, I finally got hooked! My order with Lumiere Cosmetics was followed by more online orders from other mineral make up companies abroad: Lauress Cosmetics, Aubrey Nicole Cosmetics, Elegant Minerals, Cory Cosmetics, Everyday Minerals, Mad Minerals, Milan Minerals and Joppa Minerals (I haven't received my orders from Ocean Mist Cosmetics yet).

Sometimes, the waiting can be excruciatingly painful, Cory Cosmetics took forever to arrive (6 weeks), while with Joppa Minerals, i got my loot in less than two weeks. However, only with Joppa that i was required to claim the package from the Post Office and pay for a certain fee. The rest of the packages from the mmu companies mentioned were delivered straight to me.

With all the brands mentioned, i must say that I adore each of the product i tried with respect to each own unique quality. Quality-- as for my criteria on the texture, shade and coverage. Here are my foundation shades or the closest shades for me (so far):

  • Cory Cosmetics- 50/50 ratio of Absolute Cream and Beyond Cream

  • Lumiere Cosmetics- Light Golden in Cashmere Formula; or 80/20 mixture of Light Golden & Fairly Light Golden (Flawless or Cashmere Formulas)

  • Lauress Cosmetics- Subtle Yellow in Ethereal Formula

  • Aubrey Nicole- Light Golden (i prefer soft coverage formula)

  • Everyday Minerals- mixture of Winged Butter and Original Glo Multi-Tasking (i can wear the latter alone)

  • Mad Minerals- Olive Light Medium (have to mix with Lana of Milan Minerals)

  • Milan Minerals- Lana (this is an all-around shade that i can use to add some "yellow" to other foundie shades i have)

  • Elegant Minerals- either Golden Wheat or Cornsilk

  • Joppa Minerals- still finding the closest shade or right mixture, tho Ginger in Simple Radiance is a favorite shade so far.


I always believe that we don't need to spend a lot of money to look good. I have listed down the basic rules I’m trying to follow to have great skin:

1. Wear sunscreen everyday.

2. Drink lots of water.

3. Maintain a balanced diet.

4. Exercise regularly. (Honestly, I can’t do exercise on a regular basis)

5. Don't smoke, live a healthy life.

6. Don’t go to bed with your makeup on.

7. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize…

8. Take vitamins/supplements like Vitamins E and C.

9. Sleep well (keep quality & quantity in mind).

10. Stay happy, control stress, and always wear a smile.

Sometimes we get so obsessed with what product to buy, that we forget that skincare is not just the matter of choosing the right brand of product. As you can see, those listed are not directly related to skincare. But our lifestyle can affect our appearance as much as what we put on our skin. A healthy lifestyle is very important. Every little thing you do to improve your overall lifestyle will improve your well-being and you'll look better!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Joppa Minerals

I received my Joppa Minerals loot today! I'm hearing a lot of nice feedbacks regarding the coverage and the texture of their foundation so i gave in and ordered some sample sizes.

So, fresh from the post office, i'm sharing you the pictures:

I placed my order on their website last August 26, and was shipped on August 28

via USPS First Class Int'l. Mail

I can't wait to try them if it's worth to get full sizes. I'll post my review soon!