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Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Foundie Shades

When i went back on using mineral make up early this year, I finally got hooked! My order with Lumiere Cosmetics was followed by more online orders from other mineral make up companies abroad: Lauress Cosmetics, Aubrey Nicole Cosmetics, Elegant Minerals, Cory Cosmetics, Everyday Minerals, Mad Minerals, Milan Minerals and Joppa Minerals (I haven't received my orders from Ocean Mist Cosmetics yet).

Sometimes, the waiting can be excruciatingly painful, Cory Cosmetics took forever to arrive (6 weeks), while with Joppa Minerals, i got my loot in less than two weeks. However, only with Joppa that i was required to claim the package from the Post Office and pay for a certain fee. The rest of the packages from the mmu companies mentioned were delivered straight to me.

With all the brands mentioned, i must say that I adore each of the product i tried with respect to each own unique quality. Quality-- as for my criteria on the texture, shade and coverage. Here are my foundation shades or the closest shades for me (so far):

  • Cory Cosmetics- 50/50 ratio of Absolute Cream and Beyond Cream

  • Lumiere Cosmetics- Light Golden in Cashmere Formula; or 80/20 mixture of Light Golden & Fairly Light Golden (Flawless or Cashmere Formulas)

  • Lauress Cosmetics- Subtle Yellow in Ethereal Formula

  • Aubrey Nicole- Light Golden (i prefer soft coverage formula)

  • Everyday Minerals- mixture of Winged Butter and Original Glo Multi-Tasking (i can wear the latter alone)

  • Mad Minerals- Olive Light Medium (have to mix with Lana of Milan Minerals)

  • Milan Minerals- Lana (this is an all-around shade that i can use to add some "yellow" to other foundie shades i have)

  • Elegant Minerals- either Golden Wheat or Cornsilk

  • Joppa Minerals- still finding the closest shade or right mixture, tho Ginger in Simple Radiance is a favorite shade so far.