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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WEATHER You Like It Or Not...

Dry skin… chapped lips… These are my “petty sentiments” lately due to the unpredictable weather we have now-- from the cold spell we had, suddenly we went back to the warm days again. So the weather forecast by PAGASA was wrong.

And isn't it too early for summer? If i could only bring back the cold days and nights!

Okay, the weather is nice, somehow, but it’s also terrible for the skin and lips. All of a sudden I see flakes on my skin and cracks in my lips. I’m not sure if the weather has something to do with my bad hair days too. I tried different brands available in my dresser (I’m some kind of a hoarder that I buy products even I don't actually need yet.. BUT only of course when they are ON SALE), and I would like to share with you some of my “favorite” products lately:

Vaseline Intensive Care
Cocoa Butter Lotion

This silky smooth lotion with Cocoa Butter, Petroleum Jelly and Vitamin E heals dry skin while evening tone and texture.

  • Helps to minimize the appearance of marks and discoloration
  • All day hydration for a natural shine
  • Leaves skin soft and supple

    How to use:
    Apply daily and repeat as necessary.

This is my cheap alternative to the Body Shop's Body Butter although the consistency of this is "thick liquid (lotion)" and not a "cream" just like the former. But truly, it is a deep conditioning and rich hydrating lotion. It also gives my skin a natural shine every time I use it. I forgot how much exactly i bought this almost a year ago, but more or less it's US$5 or PhP250 for a 295ml bottle.

I use Vaseline Cocoa Butter alternately with:

SkinMilk Body Lotion

SkinMilk body lotion has been developed to add moisture and improve skin's tone. This creamy lotion promotes a visibly smoother, firmer appearance. SkinMilk also contains real milk proteins and Vitamins A, D and E to tighten and smooth skin as well as White Lily to leave the skin feeling fresh and soft. With antioxidant properties.

How to use:
Apply liberally morning and night.

I'm a huge fan of milk-based beauty products, that's why this product appealed to me, along with its classy packaging, and that i was really tempted to try it. I bought this on sale, i also could not remember the price.. But it's like 30% off at Royal Duty Free Store here in Subic Bay.

The mild scent lingers, and yes, it smells just like some other milk-based SOAP I’ve tried so far (I think they all have a li'l scent of vanilla). I still love the smell.... i feel like I’m a baby, so fresh every time i use it. But I still love the scent of Johnson's Baby Milk Lotion better than this one. However, I love how this lotion works for me because it really conditions and moisturizes my skin, and it does not overpower the scent of perfume or cologne that i wear.


Elizabeth Arden Millennium Night Renewal Cream

This rich-textured cream replaces moisture loss while you sleep and smoothen the look of fine lines. Clinically and dermatologist tested.

How to use:
Spread onto face and neck nightly. This is the last step in the beauty regime.

I got this as a gift from my sister last Christmas. I thought this is just another anti-ageing cream but it's been the best night cream I have tried so far. I can feel the difference in my skin from day one. It is a rich-textured night cream that encourages exfoliation of dead skin cells, helping skin look and feel younger. Not greasy, it's quickly absorbed by the skin, leaves the skin more smooth and moisturized. It says it helps smoothen fine lines, not sure about that though.

I just hope to receive a gift like this again because when I checked, it's quite pricey. =P

Loose Lips NY Lip Balm Ball

when opened...

Adorable lip balm balls that are easy to find in any hand bag. Delicious vanilla scented with SPF 20. $6 each at
Looose Lips New York.

The packaging doesn’t look “girl-ish”, and the vanilla scent is unisex, it had a nice taste as well. Moreover, it has SPF 20 that is recommended for any season. Guys will definitely like how the product is packaged especially the “football’ print. They should have this in their clutches; guys aren’t exempted from having chapped lips, by the way.

I noticed that applying a coat of lip balm before applying lipstick prevents lips from further drying and it also helps the lip color glides evenly on the lips. And when my lips become dry, i opt for lip glosses rather than lipsticks.

Loose Lips NY Hint of MInt (in Cherry)

The hottest lip gloss to hit the market. Ultra sheer and shiny with the delicate taste of mint.

How to use:
Use alone or layer with your favorite lip color.

It's a minty and refreshing way to apply a subtle color on your lips without drying it. Loose Lips offer eight yummy colors to choose from: kiss, baby doll, cherry, glamour girl, sugar plum, divine and black raspberry. Each full-sized lipgloss is sold at $15 each, and the purse size is only $8 each.

I’m also intrigued with the Sugar Lips Scrub they have on their website. They say that lip scrub is recommended in exfoliating the lips and help smooth them out. I still have to try that.

Loose Lips New York offers more than just lip gloss and lip balm. You’ll also find bath and body products, skin care, mineral make up, and much more.

St Ives Hair Repair Mud Miracle Deep Mineral Revitalizer

St.Ives brings you mineral therapy for your hair! Mud Miracle revitalizes and fortifies hair with a unique infusion of essential nutrients, calcium, magnesium and herbal extracts, while gently removing impurities from the hair shaft. Rejuvenates weak or brittle hair, adding body and strength.

How to use:
Apply to wet hair and scalp and massage gently trough to ends.
For Maxinum Results, leave on for two minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

I bought this for less than PhP150 ($3) a tube. I've been using this as my everyday hair conditioner after shampoo. I've always been a fan of St. Ive's. I can say that their products are relatively affordable yet effective. I do enjoy using the products (apricot scrub, facial wash, firming masque..) and my results with them have been stellar. So I hope this one will eventually bring back life to my hair, aside from the hair spa treatment I have yet to schedule.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Eyeko Nail Polish

Good news Eyeko lovers!

Eyeko just recently released some new Nail Polishes as the newest addition to their line of products. They're £3 each, that is more or less US$4 or roughly around PhP200.

They have the following shades available in 9ml cute bottles:

Pink Polish (fluorescent pink)

Vamp Polish (dark midnight blue)

Red Polish (hot red)

Pastel Polish (baby blue)

Disco Polish (glitter)

Pretty Polish (sheer pink)

I'll definitely get myself the hot red polish 'coz I love wearing red nail polish lately.

So if you're going to purchase from Eyeko, don't forget to use my code E148 for a FREE fullsize product for every order, and ofcourse, FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world!